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Art Unpacked was a series of touring art exhibitions created by Chrysalis Arts. It brought the very best of contemporary art and craft to a network of small venues and libraries across North Yorkshire, East Riding and East Lancashire. Working with highly experienced artists and curators, Art Unpacked helps venues to develop their skills, increase engagement with audiences and supports libraries in their development as cultural spaces.


Make It Slow 2013/14

Work by Six Contemporary Makers exploring the Art of Slow

The work of six of the  UK’s leading craft makers revealed that the process of creating stunning art can’t be hurried. Every Artwork embraced the intrinsic values of the Slow Movement including intricate techniques, sustainable materials and a connection with traditional skills. Curated with Grace Whowell

Artists: Sharon Adams, Aimee Betts, Fenella Elms, Lizzie Farey

Unfamiliar Ground 2014

Work by three Contemporary Printmakers

Artists Chris Agnew, Rebecca King and Bronwen Sleigh are challenging the boundaries of traditional printmaking, creating striking pictorial worlds that invite our imaginations to wander. Curated with Martyn Lucas

The Forest of Possibility 2015

Works in Paper

The exhibition featured works made with paper transformed by the seven featured artists into cut images, sculptures, wallpaper and animation on the theme of the forest. Curated with Natasha Howes.

Artists: James Aldridge, Claire Brewster, Andrea Mastrovito, Charlotte McGowan-Griffin, Davy and Kristin McGuire, Clare Skill, Justine Smith.

Textil/Juvel 2015/16

Contemporary Textiles and Jewellery from West Sweden

In partnership with Konstantverkscentrum, Gothenberg

Contemporary jewellery and textiles from seven leading makers. The exhibition demonstrated how artists are taking their rich craft heritage to forge new ways of working using natural materials, seeds, wood, metal and textiles. Curated with Katarina Karlsson and Grace Whowell

Artists: Annika Andersson, Karin Roy Andersson, Linus Bjornberg, Jessica Johannesson, Mara Ray Johansson, Linda Marie Karlsson and Sanna Svedestedt.

Marvellous Mechanicals 2018

Ingenious Moving Sculptures

A celebration of the makers and tinkerers who explore movement in their art. Featuring a range of sculptures, from beautifully simple wooden automata to bespoke machines and homemade robotics, Marvellous Mechanicals engages and inspires all ages. Curated with Grace  Whowell

Artists include: Martin Smith, Lisa Slater, Nik Ramage, Balint Bolygo and Jim Bond

Truth and Fantasy 2017/18

Contemporary Artists Drawing

Featuring drawing by five artists from across the UK who draw in highly skilled and creative ways. Ranging from pencil on paper to objects and animation, their art reveals a spirit of enquiry and imagination. Curated with Martyn Lucas

Artists include: Simon Woolham, Penny Davenport, Dennis Creffield, Hondartza Fraga, Paul Chiappe

Crafting Change 2018/19

New approaches to sustainable making

Crafting Change explored how a diverse group of contemporary makers explore issues and definitions of sustainability as they develop their practice into the 21st Century. Curated with Grace Whowell

Artists: Carole Collet, Ute Decker, Joseph Hartley, Carmen Machado, Lorna Singleton and Solid Wool.

Crafting Change Seminar: A one-day event exploring sustainability and craft

Friday 3 May, 2018 , Selby Abbey

Ute Decker Greg Valerio Claire Wellesley-Smith Lorna Singleton

Hard Wired 2019

Artist responses to technology

In partnership with Outside In.

Artists considered the use of technology as a component of artworks, how it influences our perceptions of the world and how it can help articulate our experiences of sometimes life changing events.

Artists: Jack Rothwell, Phil Baird, Lynn Cox, Anthony Stevens, Lucy Barker, Ian Sherman,

Jenny McCarthy, Gareth Bunting, Emma Louvelle and Drew Fox

In September 2018, we invited the artists exhibiting in our Hard Wired exhibition to Whitby Museum to tell us more about their work and experiences. Watch the full Access Unpacked Seminar here.

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