Our projects develop artistic talent, create opportunities for diverse audiences to engage with high quality art and promote the development of Slow Art and environmentally responsible art.

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Artwork by David Haley for the project Five Hectares

Artist in Residence: Yambe Tam

In March 2023, we welcomed our first Artist in Residence, Yambe Tam, to stay at The Art Depot. While there have been Chrysalis Arts Development residencies for projects before, this is the first one housed in The Art Depot in Gargrave.

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Yambe Tam at The Art Depot in Gargrave

Marton Wood: A New Slow Art Initiative

We’re delighted to announce that Chrysalis Arts has recently agreed a 10-year lease with North Yorkshire County Council for Marton Wood, a 6.6 hectare woodland.

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A group of people looking at a man speaking outside
Mapping walk with Christopher Goddard

Slow Art & Environmental Issues

Chrysalis Arts began to address environmental issues and to adopt a more ethical approach to the company’s working methods and artistic practice in 2006/2007. The  development of a Slow Art philosophy and an increased focus on the climate emergency is now central to the content of our creative projects and to our CPD programmes.
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