Submission: Help us create a new kind of Atlas

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Submit something and help us create a new kind of Atlas as a part of our Five Hectares Project.

Five Hectares is a new project developed by Chrysalis Arts which aims to help people enjoy a greater connection with the natural world, to learn more about the mosaic of inter-relationships and habitats that supports our environment and us and imagine how they would like to see it evolve in the future.

As an important part of this process, we’re inviting people to collaborate with us to create a unique Atlas that aims to offer different perspectives on how we perceive our environment and explore the aspects of place that matter to us and those we share it with. The project is based in Gargrave, Malhamdale, and surrounding areas. 

From your local environment (this can be your garden, the local park, a favourite walk or landscape)

  • Draw, paint or take a photograph of the detail of something that you can only see by looking really close up
  • Write a poem or tell us a local story based in nature
  • Tell us the meaning or origin of local words e.g. place names, fields, landmarks
  • Create a visual map of your favourite walk (see our website for inspiration!)
  • Make a sound recording (for example a dawn chorus, local water source, owls at night)
  • Find photographs in your own archive that represent your environment*

Where to send
All the work that is created will be featured in an online version of the Atlas and some will be adapted to form part of a bound copy.

Please email your contribution to with your name and postcode or mail to The Art Depot, Eshton Road, Gargrave, BD23 3SE.

*If you have original photographs you would like to be returned, please post them with your address and we will return them to you.

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