Five Hectares

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Five Hectares is a new project developed by Chrysalis Arts which aims to help people enjoy a greater connection with the natural world as we emerge from lockdown, to learn more about the mosaic of inter-relationships and habitats that supports our environment and us, and imagine how they would like to see it evolve in the future.

As an important part of this process, we’re inviting people to collaborate with us to create a unique Atlas that aims to offer different perspectives on how we perceive our environment and explore the aspects of place that matter to us and those we share it with.

Through a programme of creative workshops, walks and other activities designed for different groups and ages, we’ll be looking at a range of themes from wildlife and weather to the stories and memories which inform our surroundings to how we can take positive steps to secure its future.  Activities from which the Atlas will be created, will range from stitch and other textile processes, to printmaking, mapmaking, bookbinding, creative writing and digital art.

The areas we are focusing on are within the river catchment which includes Gargrave, Malhamdale and parts of Wharfedale and the parishes of Gargrave, Kirkby Malham, Burnsall and Grassington. We’ll continue working with schools in these areas in the Autumn and a programme of taster workshops and other activities bringing the wider community together will take place from August onwards and will be published soon. 

Gargrave & Burnsall Primary School

For the past few months, school children from both Gargrave Primary School and Burnsall Primary School have been creating beautiful books to record and share their explorations. These works offer different perspectives on how we perceive our environment and explore the aspects of place that matter to us and those we share it with. 

Upcoming Events


Gargrave Village Green at the bottom of East St

Wed 4 Aug 2021

 10am–12noon & 1–3pm 

Burnsall Village Green

Wed 25 Aug 2021

 10am–12noon & 1–3pm 

Join Chrysalis Arts for some FREE family friendly drop-in workshops on the green. 

We will explore our immediate environment, seeing how many different plants and creatures are right under our noses. We'll talk about their names, and if we don't know we'll name them ourselves! Then we’ll use our creativity and some very special paper to make photographs - without a camera! - which capture the things we discover. 

This workshop is a taster of what we are planning from September when through a range of creative workshops, walks and other activities, we’ll be inviting people to explore their local environment from different perspectives, learn more about the mosaic of habitats that supports it and sustains us, and imagine how they would like to see it evolve in the future.

The work that is created through this programme will be produced in a series of books which will then be brought together as the volumes of a unique Atlas. We want the Atlas to explore aspects of place that matter to local people and to those who share it at a time of great social and environmental change.

No skills are necessary to take part in the workshops, although we’d also be delighted to hear from any local artists who would like to get involved.

Big Green Week

18–26 September

More information coming soon.

More about the project

In addition to the Chrysalis Arts team, the project involves a collaboration with artists Alice Fox, David Haley and Alun Kirby and ecologists Fran Graham and Mark Hewitt.

For further information, please contact:

Five Hectares is funded by Arts Council England, Esmee Fairbairn Foundation and Chrysalis Arts Development.

Images: Taken on a walk at Malham Tarn National Nature Reserve, led by Ecologist, Fran Graham & at Gargrave Primary School

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