Case Study by Artist Ilana Halperin added to the Greening Arts Practice Guide

Ilana Halperin's case study joins Edd Carr’s in this year's Additional Case Studies for our Greening Arts Practice Guide.

llana Halperin's work explores the relationship between geology and daily life. She combines fieldwork in diverse locations – on volcanoes in Hawaii, caves in France, geothermal springs in Japan, and in museums, archives and laboratories, with an active studio-based practice.

In this case study, she explores CHAOS TERRAIN, her Artist Research Residency with University of St Andrews.

‘Embedded within all my work is a commitment to thinking and making in an environmentally engaged context. Though my work may not initially seem overtly political, I am interested in how poetic and emotional languages (visual, material and textual) can be employed to establish a gentler way to talk about environmental responsibility, and our place within a deep time story. ’ – Ilana Halperin, CHAOS TERRAIN Case Study, GAP Guide

Download our Additional GAP Guide Case Studies, and the full GAP Guide here.

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