Greening Arts Practice Guide

The Greening Arts Practice Guide [GAP Guide] is a guide for artists and arts organisations who want to develop a more environmentally responsible arts practice. The guide is free, and can be downloaded from the Chrysalis Arts Development website.  An online version will follow in the near future. It brings together what we at Chrysalis Arts have learned about addressing the climate crisis, and other related issues, through over a decade of work in the area. It also features 11 case studies from a diverse range of artists and some examples of our own recent work.

The Guide aims to offer a range of entry points and approaches for artists at different stages in their creative practice. It is not intended to be a ‘how-to’ or a definitive tool kit, but instead aims to create an opportunity for artists to question and develop their work, supported by the range of knowledge we can share. We hope that the Guide will help artists to tackle the issues and constraints which will inevitably arise in their practice by learning from the direct experiences and reflections of others.

As we all try to become more environmentally responsible, sharing the knowledge we have is of upmost importance. We plan to evolve the Guide over time, as we continue to focus our efforts in this area.

Interview Series – On Collaboration

Below you’ll find a series of interviews which aim to offer ideas and opinions on artists’ current or future engagement with the climate emergency, and of other urgent threats to the environment.

Many of the artists who have taken part in our GAP discussions with us are keen to collaborate with people working in different disciplines. In response, we’ve developed this series of interviews, including thoughts from policy makers, ecologists, environmental specialists and museum and gallery curators.

A part of our GAP Guide, will be continuing to add to this series overtime.

If you have any thoughts, we would be very happy to hear any feedback on the series at our email address:

Professor Les Firbank

Professor Les Firbank is an agro-ecologist who has specialised in sustainable agriculture, land management and food systems.

Dr Vincent Walsh

Doctor Vincent Walsh is a Consultant, practitioner and researcher interested in biological urbanism ecological food systems and regenerative landscapes.

Veronica Sekules

Veronica Sekules is the Director of GroundWork Gallery, a gallery dedicated to the environment.