Project Update by Emily Wilson, Project Manager

The archive may be currently closed but our residency artists have remained busy throughout lockdown and the route map to restrictions lifting means we have exciting plans for the summer. 

Carolyn Thompson, the artist based in Ryedale, is taking a series of walks in the area, following the paths of men lost to WWI who originally appealed their conscription but failed and consequently lost their lives. Carolyn has followed three of her six walks, recording sounds and plants along the way. So far Carolyn has identified over 170 different flora and fauna and began compiling them into drawings. 

Carolyn Thompson's studio

Carolyn will be leading workshops in Ryedale in the summer that will give more insight into her process of walking, recording and being inspired by what she finds. 


Lynn Setterington, residency artist for Selby has revisited her childhood while investigating the archive and various threads have led her to be inspired by the Old Toll Bridge. In September 2021it will be 30 years since the bridge has been toll free, a moment worthy of being marked and Lynn is planning an artwork that will do just that. She will run an artist masterclass during the summer, focusing on her large scale textile practice. Following this Lynn and local artists will work with two Selby primary schools to create a collaborative piece.   

Nick Jordan and Jacob Cartwright are visual artists who often use film in their work. Their residency is based in Richmondshire and although their plans are still embryonic until they can access the archive again, they are initially interested in a stretch of the Swale River, broadly speaking from Hudswell Woods to Kiplin Park. They plan to explore material related to the river, its historic use over time and current environmental condition and any issues of access (including looking at lost pathways alongside it and other lost routes close-by). They are also interested in researching other nearby locations, such as Foxglove Covert and Hudswell ancient woodland and any wildlife monitoring or surveys that have or will take place there. Alongside this work, Nick and Jacob would like to engage local artists and community groups in exploring their local place through film. 

We will soon be looking for artists and groups who might be interested in Unfolding Origins. If you are local to Selby, Ryedale or Richmondshire and would like more information please contact 

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