In response to Marton Wood, we decided to bring each of our individual practices together to form a single collaborative work inspired by our visit to the area. 

Inspired by 19th century botanist and photographer Anna Atkins, Ally Pulleyn utilises the cyanotype process to document the sense of place at Marton Wood. Through her sculptural approach to the medium, Ally brings together photographs of the wood, along with text written by Lily Horton in response to the narratives formed by the spaces created by Marton Wood. Through his interest in the construction of the perception of memory, Sam Gargett forms a topographical representation of the landscape surrounding the wood through a method learned in his childhood, building a base for the structure. The work is imbedded with clay mushroom models formed through Hannah Lukins’ response to the natural forms of escapism inspired by Marton Wood.  


This Spring, Chrysalis Arts has been a part of a Second Year BA Fine Art project at York St John University. The project, Seeing the Wood from the Trees, aims to help the students respond creatively to Marton Wood and to consider their artistic practice in the context of ecological issues.

Read more about it in our News Story: York St. John Students Engage with Marton Wood.

May 2022
Sam Gargett, Lily Horton, Hannah Lukins, Ally Pulleyn