Ode to Marton Wood

Oh wood, you are full of glory

This is why I tell your story

Carpets of bluebells amid oak trees, just hues of blue

Far too magical to be true

Tree creepers looking for their prey

Pheasants and songbirds in the green copses faraway

Your coloured leaves turning red, brown, and gold

This story is true and to be told

An artistry so sublime.                        

Judith Porter, 2022

Our group responded to the poem, Ode to Marton Wood written by Judith Porter as group member. Each person within the group created an individual piece of artwork to compliment the poem. We have worked with digital drawing, video editing, photography, small scale sculptures and painting all in response to our project with Chrysalis Arts and Marton Wood.

Artwork by Gabrielle Green
Artwork by Mia Davies


This Spring, Chrysalis Arts has been a part of a Second Year BA Fine Art project at York St John University. The project, Seeing the Wood from the Trees, aims to help the students respond creatively to Marton Wood and to consider their artistic practice in the context of ecological issues.

Read more about it in our News Story: York St. John Students Engage with Marton Wood.

May 2022
Gabrielle Green, Niamh Hawes, Jodie Hammond, Mia Davies, Judith Porter