Marton Wood Zine

As a group we collaborated to produce a zine, each creating four pages in response to the textures of Marton Woods. This enabled us to integrate elements of our own practices to the project while still coming together with a combined outcome. We decided on the theme of ‘texture’ as this was one element of the woods which stood out to us. Each of our observations led to varying results and styles using a range of media. 

‘I worked in vibrant oil pastels to recreate thetextures and colours observed within Marton wood.’


‘During our trip to the wood, I found a bone which had an intricate growth structure which led me to create paper cut inspired by close up photography.’ 


‘Being inspired by the masses of bluebells filling the woods floor, I decided to create four paintings depicting bluebell woods. I used acrylic paint as it allowed me to build texture in my work, while also showing the beautiful colours of the woods itself.’


'Inspired by the tactile nature of the tree bark I produced a reflective drawing of these textures; I then translated this drawing into lino prints.’


'Taking inspiration from the deadwood textures within the woods and working with some images I took while we were there, I combined photo editing techniques and collage to create these layered images.'



This Spring, Chrysalis Arts has been a part of a Second Year BA Fine Art project at York St John University. The project, Seeing the Wood from the Trees, aims to help the students respond creatively to Marton Wood and to consider their artistic practice in the context of ecological issues.

Read more about it in our News Story: York St. John Students Engage with Marton Wood.

May 2022
Lucy Cole, Faith Malton, Isobel Pitts, Phoebe Harris Moore, Kate Jackson