Hues of Marton Wood

To begin this project, the first thing we did was visit Marton Wood, to gather research and inspiration. Then, after returning, we gathered ourselves into the groups we would be working in. When reflecting on the visit, we came to the decision to create a body of work stemming from the colours seen in the wood. We made the decision to create individual pieces that would come together to create one cohesive image. As the group all have very different, distinctive art practices, working from the same colour palette would bring all of our work together. The first thing we did was select the colours we would respond to, which we picked directly from images taken in the wood. As most of us work traditionally, the plan was to create physical work which we would scan in to submit digitally. Then a colour chart was created, and individual pieces responding to these colours were created in parallel with one another. These pieces were then displayed together digitally, to create one cohesive piece responding to the wood. 


This Spring, Chrysalis Arts has been a part of a Second Year BA Fine Art project at York St John University. The project, Seeing the Wood from the Trees, aims to help the students respond creatively to Marton Wood and to consider their artistic practice in the context of ecological issues.

Read more about it in our News Story: York St. John Students Engage with Marton Wood.

May 2022
Ella Scriven, Faith Noblet, Molly Owen. April Long, Tilly Jackson, Moya Mcgowan