Greening Arts Practice Mentoring Programme

CPD Manager Sara Trentham-Black with Mentee Anna Whitehouse

From 2018–21 we worked with a small cohort of five artists from across the North to deliver a mentoring programme. The Greening Arts Practice Mentoring Programme combined a range of in-house support from Chrysalis with financial support for external mentoring and other relevant professional development opportunities. The artists supported via the programme were: Sam Pickett, Jeni McConnell, Jessica Elleray, Anna Whitehouse and Jacqui Symons.

‘I’m amazed at how much my thinking has shifted over the time since we started this process and what I have achieved.’

Mentee, Jeni McConnell

‘I really appreciate the support and insights Chrysalis have offered me during the mentoring process and I believe I have genuinely come a long way since the programme began.’

Mentee, Sam Pickett

‘I have learnt so much about writing funding applications by doing a few this year with your guidance, so thank you, it all counts towards my development!’

Mentee, Anna Whitehouse