GAP Session 19 featuring Bryony Benge-Abbott

The Dataset’s Dream. Photography credit: Ewelina Ruminska

Date & Time: Friday 3 March, 2pm

Location: Online, via Zoom

Cost of Session: £6.50

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About the Session

Freeling Street pocket park streetscape. Photography credit: Ewelina Ruminska

Bryony Benge-Abbott is a British-Trinidadian artist whose practice sits at the intersection of science, spirituality and social justice. She works interdisciplinarily to explore different ways of perceiving the natural world, searching for stories that have the potential to transform our understanding of community and belonging as we respond to the ecological crisis.

In this GAP session, Bryony will discuss a selection of her recent projects including The Dataset's Dream, The Colour of Transformation and Wild Drawing.

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More about Bryony

‘Bryony Benge-Abbott is an interdisciplinary artist and creative director exploring our relationship to the natural world, often through collaboration with academics and activists. 

Bringing diverse cosmologies together through public realm installations, studio paintings and creative writing, her practice explores different dimensions to our experience of the more-than-human world. Working with an ecocentric lens, her work focuses on expanding our understandings of community and belonging in light of the ecological crisis. It asks, what potential to transform our relationship to nature can be unearthed in the space where science, social justice and spirituality meet? Prioritising stories typically under-told or overlooked, this practice challenges dominant narratives of nature as something to be extracted, controlled, and othered. Instead, it offers encounters that evoke an expansion and rewilding of the ways in which we engage with - and understand ourselves as - nature‘ – About Bryony Benge-Abbott 

After graduating with a BA Hons in Fine Art (Painting) from Bath Spa University, Bryony went to the University of East Anglia where she completed an MA in Museology with a Curatorial Fellowship at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in 2009. She has a background in public engagement with contemporary science and social history. Over the past 15 years she has collaborated as both curator and artist on a diverse range of exhibitions and public realm projects at institutions ranging from The Women’s Library and the Black Cultural Archives to the British Ecological Society and the Grantham Institute - Climate Change and the Environment. For four years she led the inaugural public exhibition programme at the UK’s largest lab, The Francis Crick Institute.