GAP Session 14

Three Rivers Estuary Carmarthenshire 2019 watercolour on paper, 3m/1.5m

Friday 4 February 

Location: Online via Zoom

Cost: £5

Simon Read

Artist’s Talk and Discussion 

Simon Read works across a range of disciplines and has extensive experience of working collaboratively to engage with environmental issues. Having lived for many years on a seagoing barge, he has focused extensively on watery landscapes and coastal erosion, contributing to the development of estuary and shoreline strategies whilst also working with his local community in Suffolk to monitor environmental impact on their surrounding landscape.

His art includes a strong focus on drawing and an integral part of his recent process has been the creation of large ‘map works’ as a means of not only reflecting on the dynamic of coastal systems but also as a means of helping the communities he works with to visualise environmental change.

He uses his teaching and research in higher education at Middlesex University to promote and network environmentally and is interested in “the role that the cultural community has in re-assimilating societal perceptions of land, ownership, responsibility and belonging.”

Booking Information: 

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