Crafting Change Seminar

Crafting Change Seminar

A one-day event, exploring sustainability and craft.

Fri 3 May 2019

Held in the historic Selby Abbey, this seminar featured talks and a Q&A, as well as a lunch. Participants had the opportunity to meet other makers and creatives who are interested in sustainability and craft.


Ute Decker is German-born and London-based artist-jeweller. She is a leading proponent of the ethical jewellery movement and one of the first jewellers in the world to champion Fairtrade Gold.

You can find Ute on Instagram @ute_decker_jewellery and Twitter @ute_decker

Greg Valerio is an avid activist, campaigning for a more ethical and Fair Trade jewellery industry. He’s the author of Making Trouble: Fighting for Fair Trade Jewellery.

You can find Greg on Instagram @greg.valerio and Twitter @gregvalerio

Claire Wellesley-Smith is an artist, writer and researcher based in Bradford. Her practice explores the capacity of textiles to carry layered social and cultural meaning. She’s the author of Slow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art.

You can find Claire on Instagram @cwellesleysmith and Twitter @cwellesleysmith

Charlie Ross is the Founder and Director of Offset Warehouse, and has an MA from the Royal College of Art. Offset Warehouse is a social business that brings together a huge range of eco fabrics and haberdashery.

You can find Charlie on Instagram @offset_warehouse and Twitter @offsetwarehouse

Lorna Singleton is a craftswoman specialising in woven wooden products. She coppices an ancient oak woodland in South Cumbria to create her traditional oak swill baskets.

You can find Lorna on Instagram @loranweavesoak and Twitter @lornaweavesoak