Continuing Professional

Artists Serena Partridge, Angela Chalmers, and Annika Andersson with Crafts specialist Katerina Karlsson.
Collaboration with Konsthantverkscentrum (KHVC) and Naaskonsthantverk, West  Sweden.
CPD is a core part of what we do at Chrysalis Arts. For the past decade, it’s been a priority of ours to offer opportunities to professional artists living in rural North Yorkshire, East Lancashire and other Northern areas.  In recent years, as a response to the widening climate emergency,  we’ve become more committed to our  principles of  Slow Art and environmentally responsible arts practice. These now inform all of our CPD work.

GAP Sesion 13

12 November 2021

Join us for this special breakfast session with New Zealand-based ecological artist Laura Donkers, which will explore and compare her recent work in Auckland, New Zealand with her work over many years with local communities in Uist in Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.

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Image credit - Laura Donkers

Five Hectares: Mapping in Stitch - Workshops with CarolAnn Allan

Workshops with CarolAnn Allan as a part of our Five Hectares Project.

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Natural Pigments made by Jacqui Symons, featured in the Greening Arts Practice Guide

Greening Arts Practice

is a professional development programme to support artists’ practice and engagement with climate change and related environmental and sustainability issues. The Greening Arts Practice (GAP) programme involves bursary and mentoring opportunities alongside talks and discussions incorporating a diverse range of approaches to art, ecological and sustainability issues.

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