GAP Session 5

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Ruth Levene and Megan Clinch – Thursday 4 April 2019

Ruth Levene is an artist based in Sheffield, working in video, performance, digital drawings, walks, installations, socially engaged and participatory work. Curious and concerned by the complex systems we live by, she is currently exploring water, farming and housing developments.

Megan Clinch is an anthropologist and lecturer at Queen Mary, University of London. Her research explores how different forms of investigation, experimentality, evidence, and evaluation are understood (or not) and managed in the development of public health interventions.

Artist Ruth Levene and Anthropologist Megan Clinch were halfway through Test Sites, a four year co-inquiry project commissioned by the arts organization, Arts Catalyst. Based in the Calder Valley, Test Sites, is a series of inquiries into matters of concern connected with environmental change. The project looks at the impact of these changes on local culture, and the health and wellbeing of our ecosystems and selves. Their presentation focused upon aspects of collaboration across different disciplines, testing out curatorial models of co-inquiry and how we can effectively explore complex systems. In the case of Test Sites, the research process evolved into a ‘catchment perspective’, exploring different versions of how we see water as a resource, how it is managed and the development of a “People’s Water Policy”.