GAP Session 6

The final GAP Session for this Spring.

Friday 24 May 


£6 incl vegetarian lunch

We’ve had some excellent speakers and covered a lot of ground over the previous five sessions and we think that it would be good to follow this with a round table discussion session that explores what we’ve learned and offers you more of an opportunity to discuss your ideas and what we might look to develop in future. David Haley, who gave a very well received presentation at one of the sessions, has agreed to come and help facilitate.

We are hoping that as many artists as possible who have attended the previous sessions will be able to come and take part and it would be very helpful if you could let us know if you can. It would be great if you could be involved!

To book, please fill out and send the form below to [email protected] or contact Kaitlyn on 01756 748529

Booking Form


Craven Museum & Gallery, Skipton: until 18 October

Whitby Library: 27 October – 15 December

Platform Gallery, Clitheroe: 19 January – 30 March

Selby Library: 6 April – 18 May


Crafting Change explores how a diverse group of contemporary makers explore issues and definitions of sustainability as they develop their practice into the 21st Century.

Making usually means generating more ‘stuff’ and using resources and energy.  The textiles, metal and precious stone industries are some of the most polluting in the world and workers are often exploited, working in life-threatening conditions for meagre pay. The mining and shipping of raw materials for ceramics creates a massive carbon footprint.  How do craftspeople reconcile this with their production of luxury, non–essential items?

Some respond through their thoughtful and considered use of materials and making methods.  Others use their work as a way of asking questions about our relationship with objects and why we make and buy them.  Through the exhibition we want to open up discussion about the role of craft in our society – is the origin and provenance of objects becoming more important to us? Is the act of making just as important as the final product?

Artists include: Carole Collet, Ute Decker, Joseph Hartley, Carmen Machado, Lorna Singleton and Solid Wool. More info via the Art Unpacked website:

Ute Decker
Carmen Machado