Truth and Fantasy

Contemporary Artists Drawing – Art Unpacked’s sixth touring exhibition

Truth and Fantasy brings together artists from across the UK who draw in highly skilled and creative ways.

Ranging from pencil on paper to objects and animation, their art reveals a spirit of enquiry and imagination.

Chorley Library: 9 June – 28 July


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Penny Davenport, Wildebeest ink on paper

Professional Development for Artists & Makers

As part of our Art Connections professional development training, we are launching a new programme of support for visual artists in 2018. This will include:


Chrysalis Arts has an outstanding track record in supporting the development of artists’ talent in rural areas and in promoting innovation in rural arts practice. Chrysalis has also been involved in exploring and promoting the role of the visual arts within climate change and environmental sustainability for over ten years and is a designated Arts Council England lead organisation in Environmental Sustainability.

We are launching a new, two-year programme for Artists & Makers to support two areas of professional development:
– the development of emerging talent in early career artists
and / or
– the development of new skills and artistic innovation in Rural and Green Arts Practice.

Financial support will be awarded to the artist to cover the cost of research, travel expenses, materials, production, audience engagement expenses etc.

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A new professional development programme to support artists’ practice and engagement with climate change and related environmental and sustainability issues.

Chrysalis Arts Development is launching a new programme of talks and discussions incorporating a diverse range of approaches to art, ecological and sustainability issues. The programme should be of interest to artists who are thinking about how they can get involved in these issues as an evolving part of their practice as well as those who are already working in this area. It will involve artists, curators, producers and those who work with them with the aim of offering different perspectives and experiences and overcoming some of the barriers and perceptions that currently restrict creative participation.

Session Three: Talk by Ecological Artist, Dr David Haley, Round Table Discussion and Work Sharing

Friday 6 July, 11.15am – 2pm: The Art Depot, Gargrave

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To register interest in arts and sustainability opportunities, contact: [email protected] / 01756 748529