Art Unpacked

Art Unpacked

Art Unpacked is a series of touring art exhibitions created by Chrysalis Arts. It brings the very best of contemporary art and craft to a network of small venues and libraries across North Yorkshire, East Riding and East Lancashire.

Working with highly experienced artists and curators, Art Unpacked helps venues to develop their skills, increase engagement with audiences and supports libraries in their development as cultural spaces.

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Marvellous Mechanicals: Martin Smith


Presented by Chrysalis Arts Development & Outside In

Artists’ talks and discussions on access and barriers.

September 2019

In September we invited the artists exhibiting in our Hard Wired exhibitionto Whitby Museum to tell us more about their work and experiences.  The artists shared their personal journeys and dove into the themes of access and barriers in the art world. Below you’ll find the recordings of the artists’ talks, panel and performance from the day.

Speakers: Drew Fox, Anthony Stevens, Lynn Cox

Panel members including Phil Baird, Lucy Barker, Jenny McCarthy and Ian Sherman

Performance by Emma Louvelle

The Hard Wired exhibition is a partnership between Chrysalis Arts Development and Outside In. There will be time in the day to visit Whitby Library and see the exhibition.

Audiences and artists alike face barriers accessing the art world. Through its Art Unpacked series, Chrysalis Arts Development has championed bringing high-quality art to rural areas and small towns. Through utilising spaces, such as libraries, the exhibition series has made art more accessible to a wider public.

Outside In is an award-winning charity helping artists facing barriers by giving them a platform. They provide artists with development opportunities, exhibitions and training. Working together on Hard Wired, both organisations are striving to break down barriers, and make art more accessible.


North Bridlington Library: 8 June– 13 July

Catterick Library: 20 July– 31 August

Whitby Library: 7 September–2 October

Chorley Library: 12 October–16 November

Hard Wired is an Art Unpacked exhibition in partnership with the award-winning charity Outside In. Outside In works to create a fairer and more inclusive art world. They provide a platform for artists who face barriers to the art world. Barriers like health, disability, isolation or social circumstance.

Medusa by Jenny McCarthy

Hard Wired is about technology and artists’ responses to it: How artists use technology in their artwork, the impact it has on their life, how they understand it and how they are able to access it. The artists’ creativity prompts us to think about our own relationship to technology, reflecting on its impact on all of our lives. 

Hard Wired selected artists:

Anthony Stevens

Drew Fox

Emma Louvelle

Gareth Bunting

Ian Sherman

Jack Rothwell

Jenny McCarthy

Lucy Barker

Lynn Cox

Phil Baird

Outside In Logo


Craven Museum & Gallery, Skipton: until 18 October 2018

Whitby Library: 27 October – 15 December 2018

Platform Gallery, Clitheroe: 19 January – 30 March 2019

Selby Library: 6 April – 18 May 2019


New approaches to sustainable making

Crafting Change explores how a diverse group of contemporary makers explore issues and definitions of sustainability as they develop their practice into the 21st Century.

Making usually means generating more ‘stuff’ and using resources and energy.  The textiles, metal and precious stone industries are some of the most polluting in the world and workers are often exploited, working in life-threatening conditions for meagre pay. The mining and shipping of raw materials for ceramics creates a massive carbon footprint.  How do craftspeople reconcile this with their production of luxury, non–essential items?

Some respond through their thoughtful and considered use of materials and making methods.  Others use their work as a way of asking questions about our relationship with objects and why we make and buy them.  Through the exhibition we want to open up discussion about the role of craft in our society – is the origin and provenance of objects becoming more important to us? Is the act of making just as important as the final product?

Artists include: Carole Collet, Ute Decker, Joseph Hartley, Carmen Machado, Lorna Singleton and Solid Wool. More info via the Art Unpacked website:

Ute Decker
Carmen Machado


Craven Museum & Gallery, Skipton: 2 February – 24 March

North Bridlington Library: 6 April – 2 June

Chorley Library: 9 Jun – 28 Jul

Selby Library: 4 Aug – 29 Sep


Contemporary Artists Drawing

Featuring drawing by five artists from across the UK who draw in highly skilled and creative ways. Ranging from pencil on paper to objects and animation, their art reveals a spirit of enquiry and imagination.

Artists include: Simon Woolham, Penny Davenport, Dennis Creffield, Hondartza Fraga, Paul Chiappe


Part of Art Unpacked, a series of touring exhibitions created by Chrysalis Arts.

Penny Davenport, Wildebeest ink on paper


Platform Gallery, Clitheroe: 19 January – 24 March 2018

Ingenious moving sculptures that surprise and intrigue

A celebration of the makers and tinkerers who explore movement in their art. Featuring a range of sculptures, from beautifully simple wooden automata to bespoke machines and homemade robotics, Marvellous Mechanicals engages and inspires all ages.

Artists include: Martin Smith, Lisa Slater, Nik Ramage, Balint Bolygo and Jim Bond.

Jim Bond, Eye See You

“Very thoughtful combination of artists and good selection of work. For once the ‘bio’ sheets were both interesting and genuinely added to the enjoyment and understanding. My children very much enjoyed the craft table.”