Chrysalis Arts


Chrysalis Arts Development provides a range of creative development opportunities and support services to visual artists and creative practitioners across York and North Yorkshire, as well as developing audiences for high-quality contemporary visual arts. We believe that artists and creative practitioners can transform places and invigorate communities both through the work they make and through their contribution to the wider social and economic infrastructure.

Chrysalis Arts works to develop, promote and improve high quality artistic practice through continuing professional development, audience development, capacity building, partnership working, advocacy, brokerage and through the creation of a range of innovative learning and employment opportunities.

We work with a wide range of specialist project managers, curators, marketing consultants, artists and other arts professionals to deliver these services.

Through this, we contribute to stronger, more resilient arts and creative sector.


Rick Faulkner: [email protected]  /  01756 748529

Christine Keogh: [email protected]  /  01756 748529



Sara Trentham-Black: [email protected]  /  01756 748529

Emily Wilson: [email protected]  /  01756 748529

France-Leigh Hadrysiak: [email protected]  /  01756 748529